The Schwartz Group has been meeting the insurance needs of Southern Albertans for over 90 years. Our staff of licensed professionals provide sound insurance solutions to anyone requiring general insurance. Along with our strong insurance partners and insurers, we can be counted on when you need insurance protection.

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Commercial truck and fleet insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of your trucking business. Whether you have 1 truck or a fleet, a few drivers to many, we are here to quote and provide the necessary coverages to ensure you are properly protected and compliant on the road. This includes long haul, short haul, and cargo options to meet your needs.

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Commercial truck and fleet insurance is tailored to your trucking company’s specific needs. We can quote and supply the appropriate coverages to guarantee you are fully covered and compliant on the road.  Whether you have one truck or a fleet, a few drivers or many. Long haul, short haul, and cargo choices are all available to fit your requirements.

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